Columbia River Historic Highway

Multnomah, Hood River and Wasco Counties

Oregonians have long recognized that preservation of the state’s historic and scenic resources play a vital role in the enhancement of the state’s economic base, and in maintaining its citizens’ pride in and respect for its historic and natural resources. The world-renowned Columbia Gorge is both a magnificent scenic resource and a major link to the state’s early settlement.

In 1913, the first state highway commission was authorized to build the scenic Columbia River Highway which was to complement the beauty of the area. Abandoned portions of this highway are now to be put back into recreational use for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The project involved developing a ‘kit of parts’ consisting of railings, gates, stairways and fencing. These component designs would then be used for missing and needed elements along the tricounty length of highway. It was essential that the new designs be compatible and enhance the existing structures and scenery, but yet stand apart.

Columbia River Highway 1

Replacement Railing

Columbia River Highway 2

Tooth Rock Bridge

Columbia River Highway 3

Eagle Creek Stairway