arch-thumbArchitectural Services involve the translation of ideas for shelter and environment into the fulfillment of their design.

Services commence with the development of a desired program and evaluation of constraints. Designs are then developed to implement design priorities while resolving issues. Work may involve a new site and structure, or the revision of existing for new and expanded uses.

Architectural Services

  • Conceptual Design, Funding-Grant Assistance
  • Design New Buildings, Infill Projects, Additions
  • Downtown Revitalization, Building Fa├žade Renovation
  • Restoration, Replacement, Reconstruction
  • Site Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation, Renovation and Reconstruction
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Historic Site Restoration
  • Sustainability Upgrade
  • Seismic Upgrade
  • Building Relocation
  • Construction Documents
  • Product and Equipment Selection
  • Public Presentation, Design Review, Historic Design Review
  • Building Department, Agency Review Assistance
  • Construction Observation, Project Closeout